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SHPP (Smal Hydro Power Plants)

Small hydroelectric power plants (SHPP) are small plants with installed capacity between 5 MW and 30 MW and reservoir areas of up to three square kilometers. Due to their specific characteristics compared to large plants and the possibility of implementation near major urban consumption centers, these projects represent an adequate alternative for complementing Brazil's energy grid.

In April 2019, about 66.2% of Brazil’s installed capacity was concentrated in hydroelectric projects, 3.6% of which are SHPPs (5.9 GW in installed capacity distributed among 1,124 projects¹). Brazil’s electricity grid is expected to have 8.9 GW in hydroelectric energy capacity (SHPP) and Hydroelectric Power Generation Central (CGH) capacity by the end of 2027².

Hydroelectric energy is generated from river flows, which can be measured through Affluent Natural Energy (ENA) into reservoirs. ENA is the volume of energy that can be generated using the flow of water of a given river to the point of use. The higher the ENA more the energy that can be generated. ENA values are expressed in MWa or as a percentage of the long-term historic average (%LTA), which began in 1931. ENAs vary mainly with rainfall and directly influence generation by hydroelectric plants in the region in question.

1 Considers SHPPs (Small Hydroelectric Power Plants) and CGHs (Hydroelectric Power Generation Centrals) – Source: BIG (ANEEL) - April/2019.
2 Ten-Year Energy Expansion Plan 2027 (MME).