Bylaws, Codes and Policies

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The Code of Ethical Conduct of CPFL Renováveis seeks to objectively, clearly and simply address the principles, values and commitments that guide our actions in the various situations of our day-to-day.

The development of the communities surrounding our operations depends on our conduct, including the services we deliver to them. In order for us to provide the best energy for these communities, we must maintain high standards of ethics, safety, transparency and integrity, conducting our business with respect and responsibility. The Code consolidates our beliefs, which guide the professional conduct of all of us.

The values and guidelines as defined in the Code must be practiced by all CPFL RENOVÁVEIS professionals, that is, Employees, Managers, Directors, Board Members and Committee participants, and must be known to our partners. This will ensure that our decisions, at any hierarchical level, are aligned with our way of being and doing business, contributing to a harmonious workplace, where we feel respected and valued.

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