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CPFL Renováveis has sustainability in its DNA. We generate energy by renewable source.

To ensure that the geographic areas where the company’s projects are located benefit the most from its presence, CPFL chose to conduct a comprehensive social investment program. It is a private transfer of funds from the Company, conducted in a planned, monitored and systematic manner to social, environmental and cultural projects of public interest. Thus, in addition to the positive impacts generated by the operation, such as vocational training, job creation and income from taxes, the Company supports local development initiatives based on local talents and priorities. In the project’s first cycle (2012-2015), we have backed projects to support production chains, tourism, crafts, infrastructure, culture, sports and leisure.

In the cycle that begun in 2016, CPFL planned to expand its private social investment in terms of region sof performance and strategy. In addition to performing in Rio Grande do Norte, the program will operate in Ceará, where there two Wind Farms were implemented, and Minas Gerais, where two small power plants (SHPPs) operate. More recently, in 2018, the Program began operating in Rio Grande do Sul, where there is a wind farm. The participatory to project design was maintained, but a strategic vision of the area was included, so that opportunities associated with innovation and successful experiences of other regions can be added to the participatory process providing better results for communities.

With that in mind, the actions of the Raizes Program from 2016 and forward were guided by social mobilization, participatory planning, projects implementation, monitoring & assessment of the impact on the areas, in addition to the connection of these results with international corporate sustainability benchmarks. The Company's intention is to establish a long-lasting relationship with the surrounding communities, since it not only makes up the scenic looks of the area, but it also demands small entrepreneurs’ services, establishes bonds of trust, opens opportunities and, more broadly, fosters citizenship.

To implement its private social investment program, CPFL Renováveis has renowned and equally committed partners such as the National Rural Training Service (SENAR), the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE), Brazil’s National Industrial Education Service (SENAI), Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment (PRONATEC), National Service for Commercial Education (SENAC), Secretariat of State for Labor, Housing and Social Assistance (SETHAS), José Augusto Foundation and Ministry of Culture and UNICEF.

A Portal of the  Raizes Program was launched, containing detailed information on its implementation in the various geographic areas, its development and the results attained. This portal is also a communication channel between stakeholders and CPFL Renováveis, which stands open for consultation, providing information and listening to suggestions.

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